If you have been charged with a DWI/DUI, then your freedom, your financial wellbeing and your reputation may be in jeopardy. To protect your rights, you should speak with an attorney before you speak to anyone else. There are two parts of a DWI, the criminal charges and the Department of revenue (civil side). You have a very short period of time to exercise your rights on the civil portion of your case and failure to act quickly may result in suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. The results of being convicted of a DWI can result in fines, license revocation or suspension, and possible time served in jail. A conviction may cause your insurance carrier to drop you or to increase your rates to the point that is unreasonable to maintain insurance. You have rights as a defendant to the charge of DWI. The state will have to use the testimony of the officer that arrested you to be able to prove the case against you. Part of the process is that the state’s witnesses may be cross-examined. The quality of your defense will depend on the facts of the case. Some of that information will come from you and some from the law enforcement officer. See how strong of a defense you have by contacting The O'Rourke Law Firm in O’Fallon today!

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