Jul 23, 2024

What Are the Misdemeanors for Sex Crimes in Missouri?

Sex crimes carry some of the most significant social stigma of all criminal offenses, and facing sex crime charges in Missouri can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Working with a knowledgeable sex crimes attorney is the best way to fight against the charges and work toward a favorable outcome. If you’ve been charged with […]

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May 22, 2024

What Is the Age of Consent in Missouri?

Teenagers and young adults need to be careful about who they engage in sexual activity with. Even if both partners nominally consent, Missouri law prohibits all sexual activity involving people below a certain age and bans sex between teens and partners above a certain age. Violating these laws can have severe consequences, including jail time, […]

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Mar 05, 2024

How Long Does a DWI Stay on Your Record in Missouri?

Have you previously received a DWI conviction in Missouri? If so, you may know a conviction can impact everything from employment opportunities to auto insurance rates. Perhaps you’re wondering how long a DWI stays on your record in Missouri. Depending on the circumstances, you could potentially have your DWI expunged after a decade. Expunging a […]

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